Monday, July 9, 2007

I forgot to tell you all that last week our social worker, Andrea called last week and our Homestudy is completely finished! That is great news for us and now the list of things left to be done is that much shorter!
We painted Malak's room a few weekends ago- it looks so cute! It is brown and light blue and i painted some big ole' polka dots on one turned out awesome, if I do say so. :) I will post pictures of it, but i am always at work when i blog so, i don't have pics on this computer. I have gotten a few complaints (from Andrew and...Andrew) that I need to have something interesting to look at on this blog, pictures and whatnot, so I will do my best to please the demanding readers (namely Andrew) and do more of that. :)
I have found that lately I am comparing our adoption process to everyone Else's...this wouldn't be such a bad thing except for that I am getting more and more frustrated that things aren't going as fast as I would like (which would be lightening speed). The funny thing is that we really are keeping a steady pace...I am pretty sure that Satan is just messing with my mind and trying to undo all the wonderful things that the Lord is doing inside of me and our family. God has been so gracious to us thus far and has blessed us beyond what we deserve...this child alone, no matter when he comes home, will be the greatest gift of our lives. For the most part I love to find other couples who are at the same point as we are, it is a wonderful thing to have in common!But, is anyone else looking at other blogs and thinking things like, "oooh, they got their passports way faster than me!" or "why does CIS hate me?? send me that letter darn it!" or other ridiculous childish things? Nope? Just me? darn it.


The Breedlove family said...

We got a letter from CIS only because they wanted copies of our social security cards. Thankfully, however, the letter had the time estimates on it too. I do look at other's people's blogs and I am constantly trying to estimate how long everything is going to take us. I can drive myself crazy doing that...don't you do the same thing :). We'll all be crazy by the time we go get our kids :) Amy

Ted and Lori said...

A few times I've had to make the point of *not* looking at the blogs of people who are in about the same stage as us, since it makes me feel antsy. I end up with a knot in my stomach, forgetting that this is not a race we're running with the winner as the person who gets their baby first. So, yeah, gotcha there.
One of the reasons I've kept our blog though is to encourage people who are just starting out. I was so inspired by Josh and Amy's blog: when I first found it, they'd just gotten their referral, and it made me weep with joy.
Oh, and we've done hardly anything to prepare the baby's room yet. Not that there's anything wrong with doing that, but I know it would make me more is, it's just an empty room with some of Ted's clothes scattered around. When we get our referral, we'll get into high gear. That'll be the fun part for me :)
And it *is* fun to find out who we might be traveling with. Maybe it'll be you guys.

Journey of the Heart said...

Oh you are so not alone! Patience is not my strong point so this is stretching me for sure. I recently found your blog and your post was PERFECT timing for me. I just have to remember that its in Gods time not mine. Government is crazy - we still don't have our passports and its been 9 weeks today. Be of good courage my friend - good things come to those who wait. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Emily and Moody said...

This is something the Lord continually teaches me through this process- I wrote a post called "fretting" based on an entry in Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost For His Highest" on being anxious. I too compare and then question decisions, etc when in reality only the Lord know who my kids are in ET and when they will be ready! I think it is a common struggle!!!
Blessings to you:)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just read some of your blog and wanted to say hi. I am also adopting from Ethiopia. I live in Tulsa so not very far!! I met the Hollidays not to long ago. My dossier is heading to Ethiopia tomorrow (I'm a little excited:-)
I love your little boy's room, it is so cute!!

I hope to start a group for Oklahoma once I get settled with my daughter. I found one in Illinois that I think I'll copy from:-)

I'll be watching your journal is at if your interestd.