Monday, July 2, 2007

What is left...

Here is our latest news...We sent in a few more documents for the Dossier this weekend and only have a few more left to go!
Here is what is left:
~A letter from Dell stating Eric's income and insurance coverage. (Eric should come home with that tonight)
~3-4 more pictures of Eric and I frolicking around or something...basicly looking happy.
~Notarized copy of my passport. (I had to order a new passport since I hadn't updated it since we got married 5 years ago, so that is on its way)
~Power of Attorney. (We just need to fill out a paper but have to wait until I get that dang passport)
~Financial Statement (This also is just a paper to fill out, but we have to wait for Eric to get his letter from his employer so that the amounts match exactly)

And then were done! Well, with our part anyway...then it goes far far away to distant lands like New York and Washington DC.


Eric and Cheryl said...

Tara- I can't believe how quickly everything has gone for you, what a blessing. We are very excited to meet your baby boy and are thrilled to have a personal connection with someone who is adopting from the same place. We are praying for more families who will be interested in the same process :)

I hear you might be making a visit at Christmas time?

Renee said...

I'm still waiting for my passport, everyday I run to the mailbox and it's still not there! As of today it has been 12 weeks, I looked online and the status changed from 10 weeks to 12 weeks so hopefully any day now. We're heading to the Carribean in about 6 weeks so it better be here by then. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room!
Have a nice weekend!

Jennifer said...

Ola Tara, this is me finally at long last commenting on your blog! Hope you are having a great day!