Thursday, June 21, 2007


It has been ages since i last posted any news but here is the latest news on the adoption front:
Our sons name will be Malak. One day the Lord gave me this verse in Numbers, "You know all the hardships we have been through, but when we cried out to the Lord, He heard our cries and sent us an angel." So we looked up angel in Amharic (which is what they speak in Ethiopia) and it is Malak. We fell in love with the name and can't wait to actually see him and know that he is our sweet Malak.
We finally had our Homestudy last week! It went really well...or at least we think it did! It was a looong interview type process with lots of thought provoking questions but i think we made it out OK and hopefully didn't say something retarded. Now it apparently takes our social worker a few weeks to type it up and have it ready and then we should be fully approved by Gladney! At that point we will also be VERY close to having our Dossier done and ready to be sent off! away! out of our hands!
Eric is having major problems getting letters from his employer and their insurance company stating that he is an employee and that he has health insurance. Why is this a big deal??? One would think that an enormous company like Dell would have an easy solution to get such a letter but nooo, they say that he has to get online and print one out....which anyone adopting knows that that is not going to work since it HAS to be notarized by an actual human being. Those silly little fools! :) Anyway, I will keep you informed on the progress of that craziness and hopefully we can work through it one way or another!

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