Friday, April 27, 2007

soooo close!

we have finally finished our Gladney application! we would love to send it in but are in the midst of getting a loan that will be our first big chunk of money to send and they must be sent together. it should be in our account by the end of this week. (cross your fingers)
so, we recently found out that Ethiopia has a rainy season and in this rainy season (from july through september) the courts close. this is bad new for those of us who will be right smack in the middle of our dossier. (that is our ridiculously large amount of paperwork that goes to the Ethiopian government and courts) so, unless we want to wait until october to get our paperwork into the courts we must send it in by mid june. yikes! no pressure... :) luckily we work well under pressure and it kind of spurs me on to do it super-fast! and ultimately it will bring our baby boy home to us quicker. yahoo! pray for speediness! since we are waiting to send off our application, we have begun working on our dossier, that way we dont feel like were just sitting around picking our noses... i am a nerd and it gives me great pleasure to check things off a list, so i am getting overly excited when we get to check off any little thing off of the dossier checklist. poor eric doesnt have the same nerdiness about such things (although, he does about other things) so it isnt quite the life altering experience for him as it is for me when i rush us both to walgreens and get more passport pictures taken. which, turned out horrendous, by the way. oh the joy to make a little checkmark...passport pictures down, tons more stuff to go.
the good news is that gladney has recieved all 4 of our references! it is nice that we wont be waiting on any of those, which can often be the case.
tomorrow i shall post some pictures of the cutie baby clothes we got last weekend!!

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