Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Blog #1

This is the first of many post to keep you all updated on the progress or lack of progress in the adoption of our Ethiopian baby boy....where do we begin....?
We started this process about a month ago- requested the first of many forms to fill out and then had a phone interview with Judy at Gladney (thats our agency). She was amazingly helpful and answered alot of questions that we had!
Anyhoo, we got an email from Gladney about a week ago containing our official application. We have most of it finished and are now waiting for a few thousand dollars to roll into ur bank account so that we can send it in....mmm, sure wish we had some more money... :)
I will let you know when we send that in because we will feel very accomplished and like we have crossed over some great threshhold...although, in the great adoption scheme, we've only just begun. But you can be sure, it will be known to all!
Let the festivities begin!

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