Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ava Leigh...

Before you freak out- she is not ours!
(hopefully I did not cause any heart attacks when you saw the giant picture of her)
Our friends/blogging buddies, the Klobas' just got this referral for their precious baby girl Ava Leigh!! They have quite the story to go along with the cute picture so I suggest you head over to their blog and check it out! I am SO excited for them and can't wait to meet this baby! Oh those eyes... :)
In other news...we have been officially waiting for 8 weeks! In the grand scheme of things, our other blogging friends have been waiting around 12ish weeks for their maybe that puts it into perspective. It could definitely be more than 12 weeks but unfortunately, my heart has already set on about 12...oops.
My friend Meredith and I have decided to get together and invite any adopting moms out there for coffee! It will be this Saturday (the 8th) at 10:00am at Java Daves in Downtown Oklahoma City (10th and Broadway I think).This will be such a fun time for anyone, in any stage in the process- anything from just thinking about adoption, to those of you who have kiddos home already. It will be a great way to form a little community of support and plan for future play dates! So anyone out there who is in the Oklahoma City area or happens to be in town town on Saturday please come and hang out with us!
Speaking of sweet Meredith...she is leaving on Monday to go pick up her baby boy Tate! They are using Gladney as well and are going through the ABC program...the Lord has really blessed them with being chosen by a birth mom fairly quickly and so they are scrambling to get things ready for their son before he gets home in like, 5 days! We are rejoicing with them and are just WAITING to see pics of little Tate! Hurry Meredith!


The Breedlove family said...

Ok...I have to say that my heart did skip a beat...DON'T DO THAT!!!Then, I made the connection that the heading said Ava and not all was ok. She is a beautiful little girl, isn't she??? I am happy for them. 8 weeks. I can't believe that! Even though we are at 11 weeks and it has gone fairly fast...your 8 weeks has flown by. It seems like I was just reading your I-171 post. Amy

Renee said...

You're the best! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our blog. Your time is coming!

meredith said...

awwwwww--thx for our congrats (and prayers, and support, and all the comments, and...!) on your blog. monday can't get here soon enough, but fortunately, i have LOTS to do:)

congrats on getting through 8 weeks--what a milestone! can't wait to see you and all the other adoptive moms on saturday!!!

Eric and Cheryl said...

Tara, My heart was so happy when I saw little Ava's picture on your site. I just love her so much and can't wait to kiss those sweet lips. We are counting the days with you for sweet little Malak, I can't wait to see him and eventually meet him.

Christie said...

Well pornies would have jazzed my tree up too, hahaha.

What a sweet face little Ava has! Such a blessing.

Oh, and lunch Sunday sounds fab. (maybe something with a little less mustard?)

arwen said...

but seriously.... THOSE EYES! gorgeous!