Monday, November 19, 2007

Let us pray!

This sweet baby girl is my niece Shiloh. Eric's sister and brother in law (Jenn and Filipe) are in the process of adopting her from Guatamala...the whole adoption process has taken twice, almost 3 times as long as it should have! As you can see from her precious face- she is the most perfect baby girl ever! They have fallen so deeply in love with her and yet for some reason the Lord is taking them through a time of waiting and patients. Jenn and Filipe were able to go visit Shiloh last month and spend a few days with her and of course it was such a special bonding time but it made them so eager to get her home and out of the orphanage....
Right now the Guatamalan government is trying to close all foreign adoptions...including those that are already in the process. This would leave so many sweet babies homeless and abandonded and so many loving families without the children they have longed for! This has caused quite an uproar and so it is begining to look like they will go ahead and allow the families who are alreay in the adoption process to finish and bring their children home, but it is still VERY scary and no one knows what will happen.

I am writing this because we (our family and friends) have decided to spend all day this Wednesday in prayer and fasting for Shiloh and for the Lord to show them favor and bring that sweet girl home soon.
We are asking anyone who knows their family or who wants to petition God on behalf of this precious child and her family join us. If you have a blog or myspace please link to this post or cut and paste this request so that as many people as possible read this before Wednesday.If you want to pray with us please do so. If you would like you can leave a note on my blog or
Jen's letting us know you are joining in or just write a note of encouragement for this family.Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!


Gina said...

She is THE MOST ADORABLE BABY GIRL! Don't you just want to eat her up?!?!

I have already been praying for her to join your family officially (and soon), but I will certainly step it up. I was really upset to hear about the crap the Guatemalan government is pulling. You'd think people like that would be so greedy that they'd want to encourage the adoptions since they obviously contribute a lot to the economy. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Shiloh and Malak will definitely be in our prayer. They will be so blessed to be part of your loving families.

meredith said...

i'm praying for shiloh and malak every day! i can't wait to meet them both, and you all are going to be fantastic parents!!!!

Laura said...

I'm in. Many prayers going up for Shiloh and her sweet family.

Brother Brother said...

I will certainly pray for them! Thank you for sharing their story.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
Romans 12:12

emily said...

the last comment was from me, didn't know I was signed in under my boys blog......yes, my 11 and 10 year old boys have a blog. It only contains Youtube highlights from Texas Tech games and a few songs:)

Gina said...

I will definitely be praying for them. Thanks for the update on their adoption. Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Gina B.

Lindsey and Cortney said...

I will be praying hard for them. I can't imagine their frustration.

FoxFamilyFive said...

I have a CG friend who is also adopting from Guat. The proccess has taken longer than they expected but they finally got the call that in the next 4-6 weeks they will be going to bring hometheir beautiful son Gabriel. Oddly enough, I met her through a Coast Guard Spouse support Group but she and her husband both grew up in the Church of Christ. Anyhoo. There is a link to her blog on mine "The Kodiak Kohlers". I know she would not mind emailing with you/your family AT ALL. She is a totally amazing woman. I love her to pieces.

I can't imagine the strength involved in is certainly a rare and amazing kind of love. I admire you and your BIL and SIL. =)