Friday, November 9, 2007

Details details...

O.k. Due to the apparent lack of more pictures of shower gifts, it has been requested that I post more so... I am posting more. I feel wierd...I don't want to be bragy...but lots of you asked for it- so I blame you. :)
(All presents are loved equaly, so if your present is not showed here- it is merely because I tried to smoosh a bunch of gifts into each picture and could not fit them all)

What is that you say? I am a nerd? I know. But look at all of Malak's cool toys!
Sweet carseat for a sweet boy!
I like to call this "a collage of awsome gifts"...go on, click on it and view all of the lovely nescestities....go on.
Lots of fun books so that Malak will be as smart as his daddy...and hopefully much smarter than his mama. Also, note the cool world puzzle- Malak will be the only 6 month old(ish) that knows geography. Genius. Also for your viewing pleasure, look at the cutie elephant from Malak's cousin Shiloh straight from Guatamala and the, ram (??) or is it an antelope type thing?? Well, it is from Malak's friend Silas. (they're best frineds..or they will be when they meet) Cute cute. There's all the gear so that our son can eat, stroll and get changed. You may be wondering what is that on top of the changing table...Well, we have decided to use cloth diapers and so my sweet sis Jess (who also uses cloth diapers on her 2 kiddos) gave me all the ingredients to make the all natural solution for the wipes! (which includes Aloe vera juice, tea tree oil and water) It made Jess and I laugh real hard because at the shower when I pulled out the gift and explained what it was, everyone was silent and just stared at me. Ackward. (apparently it is NOT cool to use cloth diapers!) LOL


Jess said...

I think I still feel a little awkward.

Bemember when I came to your house? Renember how much fun we had? (remember when Emma says "Bemember" and Aiden says "Renember"? cutest kids ever!) We should do it again sometime.

Amy said...

How did I not know that you were going to use cloth diapers? How did I miss that? Did you know my Jessica(my sister in law) is also planning to use cloth diapers? Yep, she is. I think that is fabulous. I applaud you. Malak is totally going to be a green baby.

Nice shout out to Silas...Malak's future BF. :)

meredith said...

it is VERY cool to use cloth diapers. really, you're just putting the rest of us to shame:)does it count that i recycle?

way to go on the whole saving the planet thing--i'm so impressed!

so many fun gifts, btw.

Laura said...

love all the stuff!! :) Thanks for adding more pics.

I think it's cool that you're planning on cding. :) I plan on breast feeding and you can imagine how well that's gone over with some folks. Who cares what they think really.

Are you on the gladney yahoo board?

Kaydub said...

mmmm . . . so many wonderful toys and treasures. Cloth diapers, books, world maps, Tea Tree oil, toys from Guatamala . . . good stuff - Green culture is what i call it. : )

Jen said...

I'm proud of all you green people. I shall be green in other ways...

Laura, are you adopting and breast feeding? I have known a number of people who have done that. One mom breast fed all three of her adopted children. I think God's amazing that we are able to do that sort of thing. It seems very redemptive to me. Something so special and such a blessing all around to be able to have that bond and give that sort of health to a precious baby who could have been denied it. Great.

Jana said...

yay for cloth diapering. you are SO cool. :) we plan on it, too.

Erica said...

Hey now cloth diapering is SUPER COOL! I CD'd my youngest and loved it. Its super addicting and they make the CUTEST diaper covers with the baby's name on the bum. Now if thats not cool I don't know what is! ;)

Looks like you had a super shower! How exciting!!