Monday, March 8, 2010

Random things...

I cook A LOT. I love, love, love to cook and bake and make fun things for my family. But because of this I have worn out some of my kitchen appliances. Malak and I have a green smoothie (spinach, berries, bananas) every morning and apparently that's hard on a blender cause I've gone through 3 blenders in the last few years. Some of the blenders were crappy but the last one was a Cuisinart and last week while making our smoothies, there was black smoke pouring out of it and started melting. Woopsy daisies! So this week I got some fun new things from Kitchenaid! A food processor and blender. Woot!
Another fun purchase was made last night...

I know, I'm a real babe in this pic.
But let us focus on the fact that I have a SWEEEET camera in my hand! We got a Nikon 3000 and am pretty sure we're going to love it.
And of course, every girl has to have a pretty strap to make her camera look cool and original.
Random story: Today Mal and I were at the grocery store and a man walked up to us (after staring awkwardly for a long while)... We had this convo:
Him: Are you babysitting that boy?
Me: Nope.
Him: He's yours??
Me: Yep.
Him: I mean, is he really yours? Your actual kid?
Me: Yes. He is my "actual kid".
Him: But... Did he... You know... Come out of you? (He then points to his crotch)
(I am amazed and baffled and laughing because he actually felt the need to point to his crotch to ask this awkward question)
Me: Um, no. He is adopted. Welp, see ya later!

Wierdish? I thought so.
And now some random pics...
                                                          This is Malak's sultry pose.                                    
See food.


Joy said...

Wow, always amazing & amusing to hear what people will ask...

Very nice camera (I have a weakness for cameras) - and yes, I'm just realizing that I need a cool strap, since attending a photography class a week ago. I was one of the bland & boring ones sporting a large, embroidered Canon logo. Actually have a few hand-made strap sites open on my computer right now. Have fun getting acquainted with the camera!

Shadley said...

wow. crotch pointing. that is just so wrong. sorry people are morons and that you had to witness it.

Bethany said...

BWWAAHHAA I about pee'd my pants at the "man" story FOR REAL?? WOW.

2nd Seriously register your Kitchen Aid product. Jeff shares the same love as you do for cooking/baking. In the last 3yrs we've been through 3...count that 3 kitchen aid mixers. Each time we call them then and say "Hi my mixer exploded" (not really but you get the picture). They say "NOT A PROBLEM...we will ship you a new one and ship us back the old one" HOORAY! Everytime!

That's why we heart kitchen aid. It might still blow up and pour black smoke...but they always replace the new updated model for free. YIPPEEE!

I should be a kitchen aid spokes lady!

Gina said...

I don't even know what to say about that man's questions. Why in the world he felt the need to ask??? Totally baffling!

Jesi Q said...

Gawwwwddd! What a weirdo man! I can't believe that... especially the crotch pointing bit!

I LOVE your new toys, how very cool! I have a Nikon D80 that is seriously underused these days (just don't know where the days go and somehow I keep not getting pictures taken!), and the kitchen aid stuff is sweet! Now that I know about registering the products and getting them swapped out, I'm thinking that's the way to go! How old can they be before they won't swap them out, do you have any idea?

That boy of yours keeps gettin' cuter! Love the locs! We've been thinking about doing that with Ezra's hair... but he HATES having his hair messed with, so I'm not sure he'd put up with getting them done. :-S

Anonymous said...

HOLY shit! That's the weirdest one I've heard yet! Love all the pics - the dreads are looking great. Any chance you want to share your smoothie recipe? We've been experimenting here. Not sure how the spinach would go over, but it's always worth a try!

Tara said...

Sure! I make it different every time but here's a general idea...
1 c. froazen berries (I usually do blueberry, strawberry or both..or any frozen fruit is yummy)
1 banana
1 1/2 to 2 c. water
Blend that.
Add 3 cups fresh spinach
Blend that. And you're done! Mmmm.

FYI, I also use kale instead of spinach sometimes for the good vitamins it has but it is a little more... grassy in flavor so I don't use nearly as much or Mal won't eat it. Also, the spinach adds almost no flavor but TONS of nutrients- if you want you could add it in slowly so your kiddos don't notice. That's what I did and now Mal loooves it and it gets a huge amount of vitamins in him.

Timbra Wiist said...

okay, you get the biggest weirdos where you live. . . . i am always amazed, even at your funny facebook posts about the people you meet. . . these are the people in my neighborhood, my neighborhood???? Anyway, my cousin has adopted twins from vietnam and a little blonde haired, blue eyed son, who is big for his age and less than one year younger than his sisters (not adopted) and she gets the opposite. . .once someone asked if they were TRIPLETS???? yes. . .my vietnamese girls and blonde son???!!!!

Denyce said...

Wow, so many things to say about this. When I read the weirdo man story, I laughed, and then had to explain to Malachi what was so funny. I think explaining to little kids about stories like that can be almost as funny as the original story. Secondly, congrats on the new kitchen appliances...but can't believe you didn't go for a Vitamix! Just kidding...I'm sure these will be great. Thirdly, I haven't yet had a complaint about my green smoothies, even with people who know they have spinach in them and profess to not like spinach. It's a great thing! Fourthly, you are just one of the cutest people I know, and I covet your kitchen. And lastly, though Rob is my husband and could probably help me out if I ever bothered to ask him, I can't for the life of me figure out an easy way to read your comments. The black background has me stumped most days. Any suggestions?

Tara said...

Done, Denyce! I've been meaning to change the stupid font color for years but never cared enough to take 3 seconds to do it... But since YOU asked... Everything I do, I do it for you.

Denyce said...

Wow! I feel so honored, and I can read it without highlighting everything and making sure I don't click anywhere to undo the highlighting. Nice. You are my new best friend.

Amber said...

I'm mostly a lurker but I have a very pressing question...WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE CURTAINS?!

Tara said...

Hey Amber! I made them. I got the fabric at a specialty shop here in OKC but I found it online first... I can't think of it off the top of my head but I will see if I can find the the manufacturer for you...

Erica said...

HA HA! You said Whoopsie Daisy. that made me giggle.

Cute camera strap made me think about needed one too.

Crotch pointing man did NOT make me giggle.

Malaks sweet face did make me smile.

If I come over will you make me a green smoothie? Please and thankyou.

Now an Air Force Wife and Mommy!! said...

we actually had a black man do that to my mom while she was sitting on the train with me my hubby and my son. People are so rude sometimes.

I love when people ask me if i had heart burn with all his hair and I just smile and say no and walk away.

I don't understand why people feel the need to ask such bold questions.