Sunday, January 10, 2010

Malak Kidus Silvestri.


Charity Hildebrand said...

That is just toooo cute!

Shadley said...

i like how he says freekyopia.

but seriously addis ababa rolls off his tongue!

Sara said...

OHHHH so cute!

Anonymous said...

More please! I would like some more please! More cutness that is THAT sweet little silvestri kid! I really like him in video form! :)

Kara Deal

Mandy said...

Very very cute!!! ;)

Holli said...

so SWEET!!! and love the AMEN!!!

kim said...

so cute!

The Albertsons said...

zach and i watched this and remembered when we held and cuddled that sweet boy all the way back in Ethiopia. He's still perfectly adorable.
kiss kiss kiss

AprilM said...

Love it!!!

kevin said...

I think he has an african accent. Whatch think? Yes? I just want to listen to him over and over! well, actually, i did. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

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