Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am going to pretend that it hasn't really been a month since I last posted. I am also going to pretend that Christmas wasn't weeks ago and go ahead and do a Christmas post anyway. :)
We spent the holiday with my family in Washington. It was a wonderful 10 days and we were actually snowed in for most of that time. But we were all together, so it was fun to all be trapped and forced into playing games, working on projects and just hanging out. We love being with my family so it was SUCH a great trip!! For Malak's first Chrsitmas with us, he had a few favorite presents from Santa...he really liked his Koosh ball, really loved the lid to his cool new bowl (not the bowl, just the lid) but most of all... he loved the paper (shocking, I know). It was the best present anyone could have given him. I'm pretty sure he ate an unhealthy amount of tissue paper...can you blame the boy though, it is so bright and beautiful, how could you not want to eat it?? Even when were at home, all he wants to do is eat toilet paper all day long...sometimes Eric gets mad at me because I let him. :) (Aw come on, who am I to deny my son his favorite food??)

The cousins! (and Mal eating more paper)
Mal LOVED Grandpa and grandma!! Actually, his favorite new word is grandpa. When we were at the mall the other day he randomly yelled, "Ooooh! Grandpa!" to an inocent man walking by.
The guy turned around and waved- apparently he gets called grandpa often. :)

While were on vacation Malak decided to learn a million new words. Here is his list of words: Yellow, blue, Grandpa, GG (my grandma), banana, thank you, ball, apple, wow, yessss, mama, dada, more, all done, diaper, poop, yeah, oatmeal, oh no, uh-oh, dog, woof, Shiloh (his cousin), Tia (his aunt), Doodoo (his uncle, don't ask). Not bad, right?? I'm such a proud mama!

(toys are boooring, can a guy get some paper??)

And this is how I found Malak today. Glorious.

Here is my dear, dear husband...He leaves at about 6:45am so he is up and gone before I wake up. On this particular day he came home from work and I was APPALED to find that he had gone to work with THIS hair!! He does not work in a casual enviroment- it is a very nice business office. I laughed for about 2 hours and warned him that the blog world would see this grave mistake he made. Bless his little heart... :) (Tamatha, Emilee, I can't believe you guys saw him like this at work and didn't make him fix it!) :)


Stacie said...

I had lots of comments to make but now I can't stop laughing at Eric's hair. He really did not go to work like that? Did he?

That Malak sure is cute!

Lori said...

For real!!??? What the heck! Everybody I seem to know did their own "hair cuts" recently! Or is this just a bad hair day!

You should have made this two posts because I can't even comment about how adorable Mal is!!!

Chuckle, chuckle - laugh out loud!

Oh, poor guy, he obviously had no clue! He does look cute though - in a childlike bedhead way!

Oh Tara - good stuff. Thanks for the LAUGHS!

BTW, several of the first pics. are not showing. They just show an "x".

Fix it - now! ;) xo

Christi said...

it looks like he used a curling iron on his bangs...Tara maybe he needs a few lessons on how to use the curling iron :)

Eric and Tara said...

He really did go to work like that! And it's not even a bad cut, it is just some psycho bed head! So scary...
And I'm not sure why some people can't see a few of the pics...I can, so I'm not sure how to fix it...

arwen said...

I really love that you're so honest about Malak... Not many would admit, it seems to me, that their precious boy eats body butter and paper, but we all know they do.

don't try to hide it. you know we know they do.

but your honesty is refreshing.
except for all those words.... YELLOOOOW!

The Albertsons said...

Hooray! You're still around!
The hair. what??? that's how zach is... oblivious to the hair... so now it's really short so he doesn't get fired :).
Thanks for the GREAT pics of mal. ooooh my gosh. he's the cutest. I so wish he and sam could toddle around together... how cute that would be!!!
keep up the blogging! i'm begging!
(ps- sam had many good helpings of paper...)

Lori said...

I love the pic of Malak sitting in the chair. Such a cutie.

Also, it's nice for me to anticipate what Abby will be doing when she's around Malak's age.

Sarah D. said...

You know what's super funny? Tabitha's dog Molly would eat toilet paper all the day long if you let her! Now she has trained all the other dogs to do it too. She'll go into the bathroom and pull the end of the tp out into the living room and and rip off a bite at a time until it's gone (unless someone catches her of course.) Too funny. Well, at least Mal's getting plenty of fiber!

Amy said...

You are back!

I am laughing at Eric's hair do as well.... A sort of similar story with Josh: He came home from work one day wearing some major HIGH WATER pants. I laughed for a good while when I saw him and then threw the pants out. I would say that both Josh and Eric are usually pretty stylin' too.


Sam said...

oh. my. gosh
seriously? he went like that. did he think it was cool or was it a mistake?
yay for you blogging. woo hoo

Eric and Tara said...

Yes, he just said that he only had time to brush his teeth and go! I was like, "Uhhhh, really though?? You couldn't put a teensy bit of gel in that craziness??"

Jen said...

lol seris.(.: Aiden

sparkz said...

Ahh your fine you posted on/around Ethiopias Christmas!

Cute post!

Rebecca said...

Eric's hair IS really funny :)

And, of course, Malak is super cute too!

Erica said...

I was going to say something fun and pertaining to Christmas and the fact that we were on the same side of the US at the same time YET AGAIN and never met up. But seriously....Eric's hair....I can't get passed it. Cracked me up. He looks like my oldest son....who goes to school looking like that umm...90% of the time. Oh yeah...he's 10. Sorry Eric.

Renee said...

I swear men just have no idea, Geert let Maryn go to school last week wearing pants that wear a size 8 and she wears a size 4/5- did he not notice her pants were 3 feet too long and falling off her butt! Mal is gorgeous- glad you had a great holiday!

Sarah and Tim said...

Yum, toilet paper!
Glad you guys had a good holiday!

Tamatha said...

I didn't see him this day or I promise I would not have hesitated to chastise him in front of the team:)