Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random stuff...

While in Ethiopia.... (this is meant for enjoyment purposes only, so please don't take anything I say too seriously.)
1. Don't wear shorts. You already stick out like a sore thumb...the dreadfully white legs will not help the situation. I speak form experience here folks, if I would have busted out my frighteningly pale legs...eeks.
2. Do let strangers wisk your baby away...I promise they will bring him back and you will have made lots of new friends.
3. Do bring the plastic, preformed drop-in bottle liners for your childs bottle.
4. Don't leave a huge stash of them on the the housekeeper will inevitably think you brought 120 condoms with you. (awkwaaaard) Seriuously, these things could have had a better a picture, it is kinda funny.
5. Do stand up and be a part of the traditional Ethiopian dancing when asked! (I made a huuuge fool out of myself, but shoot, I did it! I may have also not known how to dance Ethiopian style and so I just busted out an old classic- the running man)
6. Don't do the running man at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant.
7. Do let Belay show you how it's done! The man's got moves!
8. Don't bring a soy based formula for your new baby.
9. Do make sure you are wearing rain gear if you do decide to bring soy based formula. There will be some major spewage.
10. Do stay at the Ayat house! We loved getting to know people in the community and being able to support a local family!
11. Don't bring any undies you wouldn't want the neighborhood to see blowing in the wind. The housekeeper was amazing and did our laundry every day...but imagine our suprise when we came home to find all of our whitey tighties dangling around at eye level for the world to inspect. Eeks.
12. Do bring a sling (or Bjorn or whatever). There are no high chairs, car seats or anything to set you little one in, so our arms were mush after a short time...the sling was a lifesaver!! And he would sleep for hours in it when we were out sightseeing. Glorious.
13. Don't be fooled by the cute little puppies that wander the streets. We were enthraled with one cute little fella and when he turned around we saw that he was knawing on part of a bloody goats head. It may have ruined his cuteness just a teensy bit.
14. Do bring some Mac N Cheese, Campbell's soup and saltine crackers. When you are eating out at restaurants for every single meal, (that would be about 30 meals) sometimes it was nice to just stay at home and have boring old familiar food. We also wished we had more of those types of things when we were barfing and pooping our guts out. Saltines would have been my best friend.
15. Do soak up everything you can while in Ethiopia!! They are such beautiful, friendly, warm people- get to know them as much as you can and you will be SO BLESSED!!
Ok. That's all I can think of now. Stay tuned, I may think of more. I know they are super helpful right??
This picture below was taken in Ethiopia- doesn't Mal look so much skinnier and balder?? Yeah, balder is a word.

Our boy is growin' some hair! When we got him he just had a little patch on the top of his head and a small patch on one side of his head. (Yes, it was as attractive as it sounds) But now, he has a whole aray of little curls! I won't go as far as to say that he has a head of hair, but we are on our way! The pictures above were taken a few weeks ago and now our little man's got a few more teeth! I am so excited to see these teeth come in but I LOVE his gummy will break my heart when it is gone forever. I mean, come on, have you ever seen such a huge, precious, gummy smile?? Anyway, one of his top teeth has come out and is a funny little snaggle tooth and the other top tooth is on it's way in and is causing some serious fussiness in this boy! It will be a joyous day when that one tooth makes it's appearance- I am thinking of throwing a party. Feel free to send lots of gifts.

Have I ever mentioned that Eric is Super Dad and offered to be the one who get's up with Mal durring the night? Every night. I basicly fell in love with him all over again when he told me that glorious news. Anyway, Mal's teeth have been causing him to wake up a little more than usual so last night Eric got up when we heard little squeeks over the monitor and groggily headed to give him his bottle. When he got there, Malak was laying there wide awake ready for his midnight snack but whenever Eric tried to give it to him he was acting weird and wouldn't latch on. Eric kept on feeling around in the dark for his mouth but whenever he would put the bottle in his mouth Mal would push it back out. After a few mintues of this Er realized that he was trying to force a giant Ozarka bottled water, that had been sitting on the nightstand, next to the BABY bottle into Malak's mouth. Hmmm, how weird that Malak didn't want to nurse from a giant plastic lid that was being crammed into his mouth.


Shala said...

I loved this post. I'm reading at the office and laughing outloud. I'm sure my co-workers don't know what to do with me. Thanks for sharing and making us laugh today.


The Albertsons said...

Look at his hair!!! SO sweet! Sam's started coming in like mad once we got home... I guess mamas are good for hair growth :). And toothers... Sam's two bottom ones are in and he's working on the top... tell Eric I can totally relate to the middle of the night mistakes with the bottle. I'm. really. tired.
thanks for posting!

Around the World said...

This was an awesome post!! Points to note down for our trip in November!! We just got a court date of Oct hopefully we can travel in November!!

I love reading your blog!!


graceling said...

Okay, good hint about not taking undies that you don't want the whole neighborhood to see!

I am a very private person like that, but it didn't even occur to me that anyone would wash my undies and hang them out to dry!

Rebecca said...

Before I got down to your paragraph about the gummy smile, I was admiring the pics of Malak smiling and thinking "he has the cutest toothless smile!". He really does just light up!

And, I appreciate all the tips. I was dying laughing at some of them. But, I know you were really serious about them. No joke :)

April said...

OMG, that last pic is adorable! I remember it being so bittersweet knowing the gummy smiles would be gone.
I don't think I ever gave Emmitt anything like a water bottle, but I certainly remember waking up in the morning, seeing an empty bottle, a happy fed baby, and having no memory of how it happened :) You're a lucky girl to have Eric being such a super dad!!!

C & R said...

I love love your post!!! I love the humor you put into everyday situations!!! LOved the list of do's and dont's things like bring pretty panties..never would have crossed my mind!!! And the water for a bottle priceless!!! Your right that is the sweetest gummy smile I have ever seen!! Love how you dress your lil man..... as you can tell whishing I had your wonderful style! :)!

LISA said...

OMG! That is funny,about the bottle!!I love little babies with no hair!! I always loved to rub my chin on their bald head.(ok, weird, i know!) LOL!

Amy B. said...

Those are very practical and funny suggestions! I laughed. Malak is so precious...Nathan is having trouble with his teethies too. We hope it ends sometime in the near future. Can't wait to finally meet you at the blog union!!!

Lauren said...

Tara -I don't know if I have ever commented before, though I've been reading for a while, but wanted to tell you I LOVE that last picture of Malak! He looks so....sassy! Many more blessings on little Malak! - Lauren

Blog Shmog said...

You are fuuuunnnyyy! Loved this post. Thanks for the tips. The goat I really wish I hadn't clicked on that photo but I was laughing and gagging at the same time. That is disturbingly hilarious.

Susan and Chad said...

Dreamy boy....
I check for pics regularly - it's my favorite part.
I like the tips, though, we'll remember those...!

Timbra said...

okay tara, i blog stalk you. . . i love your baby boy. . .i want one for my very own :) what a sweety! and you have such great delivery of your crazy experiences. also. . . i thought i would cry at that thought of the gummy smile going away, take LOTS of big gummy smiley pix, because they are SOOO fun to look back on when your walking talking toothed tot is bounding around.

Ellen Enright said...

Great post! How funny about the water bottle. Malak just keeps becoming more handsome. I love the pictures!

J, A & T said...

Thanks for the laughs! Your little guy is so cute!

Amber said...

you are so funny! I love the info!

Dawnette said...

I love the photos, the new hair and the bottle story.

Sarah and Tim said...

Oh man, you mean I need to start practicing my dance moves? I don't think I could even manage the running man.... maybe the NKOTB hand wave.

Thanks for the tips! Oh, and we just decided to go with a cloth diaper service here in town but I appreciate the info on the G diapers.

Jesi and Joe said...

Awesome post Tara! Love the tips (and TOTALLY agree with the Mac'n'cheese, saltines and Campbells... we were RIGHT there with you puking and pooping our guts out! :-D

And BTW, could Malak POSSIBLY get any cuter?! That last photo is TO DIE FOR! Seriously. That expression is perfect!

drew said...

ha! all great things to know about Eth, just in case I ever go!

I still cant imagine Eric the dad. I am excited to see it with my own eyes!:)

Cloverland Farm said...

hilarious. thanks for sharing tips. especially about the faux-condoms and the mac & cheese! love the last picture of your boy! so so cute! have a great weekend!

Stacie said...

Hilarious. I love the running man. I myself refused to dance when asked. Good for you for busting out some moves!
We also were worried that everyone at our transition house would think the liners were condoms. I made sure to show the nannies what they were!! (They do look like giant condoms - I mean really!)
I hope you are being very nice to Eric these days (I'm sure you are!) because he is obviously suffering from sleep deprivation! That had me laughing out loud.
I can add one - Do not wear your black crocs with white socks just because you are cold during the rainy season. It's just not very becoming. (And I'm speaking from experience here - so sad to say! :)

emily said...

Really great post. I wish you had pics of you doing the running man. :) Ok, the condom comment-- too funny girl.

Gina said...

OMG Tara! You make that same face that Malak is making in the last picture! Awww, he's taking after his mommy already! So cute!!!

Renee said...

Blog BFF-
I almost peed my pants when I read your email- between work and vacation I'm very far behind on my work email so I just saw it and laughed like crazy. You're right we should not tell other people about our necklaces- they be freaked out or more likely- jealous!

Loved the post and I really enjoyed they 120 condoms- we thought the same thing!

See you in a few short weeks!

meredith said...

i'm cracking up at basically your whole post! must get the boys together soon so they can hang. love mal's hair!!

MajesticSix said...

Oh My Gosh, I love reading your blog! You should seriously write a book...your baby Malak is adorable and makes me even more excited about adopting every time I read about him. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun.

Keep the posts coming!

Holli said...

Thank you for the tid-bits! Love it!

~Laura~ said...

Look at him!! He's sooo darn cute. Can't wait to meet him in a few short weeks. YAY!!

Also, I found a blog off yours along time ago and the couple were adopting a baby name Shiloh....I can't find that blog anymore. Do you have the link? Have they made it home with their babe yet? I want to say it was maybe a Guate adoption but that could be way wrong.

Joy said...

You are so funny and I loved your helpful hints :). I have to say that Malak is stunning. He is so handsome and just adorable. I just love all the pictures you post. We are waiting to be matched with 2 precious boys. Take care,

Anonymous said...

i hate america officially