Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am pretty sure that Malak is getting more and more precious as the days go by! We got this cutie pic yesterday from Mary, she also said that he is up to 16.5 lbs. Way to go chubs!
This cutie pic was taken when Mal was just a little guy-around 3 months I think. I love it because of the way he is looking at the camera and cause he looks so gangsta! :)

Look what came in the mail today! Susan Parr travel made our travel arrangement SO easy! I highly recomend using them- and they know everything there is to know about adoption travel- how the babies names need to be on the plane tickes, when you need to be there for your court dates ect...they were great! It is so funny to see a plane ticket just for Mal!

Incase you haven't noticed, I like to take pics to document my feelings...unfortunately for you, I post them on my blog. These are my feelings after recieving our plane tickets to Ethiopia today!

The one thing that I LOVE doing durring all of the craziness of preparing to leave on a huge trip, is fishing my dumb dog's balls out of the toilet. Grrr.


Craig & Cindy said...

Gosh, that is SO exciting to see that plane ticket with his name!!!


Emy said...

He is just so adorable, and I love the self pics too :). Can't wait to see pics of all 3 of you together!!

Erica said...

He is just SO stinkin cute!

Cute babe.
Cute Tara.
Cute Tara's toes by the toilet.


Brandi said...

Yeah!!! Oh I remember those days right before travel. .how you dream and think Africa. . how you kinda want to tell everyone you see that you are leaving for Africa in x amount of days.


the albertsons said...

Um, the balls in the toilet. NICE laugh for me today! Thanks! AAAHHH!!! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

TedTracie said...

I am laughing OUT LOUD at your toes by the toilet.. .I don't know why it struck me so funny but it did. I am laughing so hard!



Anonymous said...

Where did you get that cute hat?!

graceling said...

I like Malak in the first picture- he looks like he is doing a little "Momma's coming to get me!" dance.

Kerri said...

So excited for you!
Kerri and Ruby

Midge said...

i'm glad you're not crying anymore.
and i'm glad that your emotions always come in 3s because they're my favorite parts of your blog. Ok. And the pics of Malak. But other than that....

you'll be coming over here soon..... yeah? (crap. prolly not.)

Drew Carey Show said...

Malak is one good looking little man!

Susan and Chad said...

Dreamy - totally dreamy.

Thanks for the laugh!

I overnighted the care package today - THANK YOU!!! And safe travels - CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Jocelyn said...

I have to agree, he does get cuter and cuter!! YAY For plane tickets...I remember when I got mine, I thought I was going to burst!!! I can't wait to see you with Mal in your arms...this is so exciting!!

Amy said...

umm, cuteness! I am pretty sure that the little doll next to him in the first picture is a Blah Blah Doll.... Those dolls are so cute! I am guessing someone donated the doll to Gladney...or maybe you sent it over to him in a gift package? Either way, he is sweet sweet stuff and you will be holding him SOON!

Stacie said...

He is too adorable - seriously cute. I love his sweet baby face and can't wait for you to get over there! :)

Love the ball in the toilet - just wait, I'm sure Malak will join the fun soon enough and throw some other goodies in there fore you. Good times!

Amber said...

Great new photos! It's so exciting. Thanks for the travel planner tip!

Gina said...

Tara! You have plane tickets! Three of them! This is for REAL! I'm so excited for you I can hardly stand it!

Those pictures are too stinkin' cute. Both of Malak and of you. (But Malak's are a little bit higher on the cuteness scale, since he's a delicious little baby with dimples and giant brown eyes. Don't feel bad, you came in a close second!)

Anonymous said...

Not knowing you personally is no longer an issue - your blog oozes happiness and joy. (What a fun person and awesome personality - the pictures are too fun!) You are an incredible mom to a very handsome little man. There will be days of frustration and confusion, but the days of love and joy will far outnumber them all! Enjoy!

LISA said...

eeek!! Love seein' those tickets!!!!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!
Love the new pic of Mal too!
Great "self portraits"!!

John and Lori said...

I'm so jealous--I want to be traveling! But, I'm also very excited for you--can't wait to see more pics!

Lori said...

He is to die for!! Love him!

You look so cute in those self pics too, why do we do these things??

Get on that plane girlie!! :)

Gina said...

I love that you take pictures of yourself and I LOVE that you leave in two days...TWO DAYS to meet Malak!!!

Christie said...

Haha, sadly, I come to my own blog to listen to the music...and you provided me with a little motivation to update my playlist.

And you leave the day after tomorrow! Aaaaah I'm so excited. And is it possible that Malak got a little bit cuter since your last pictures of him? I think he did.

Shala said...

Eric & Tara,
Here is a post about MOWA and ET court dates from a YG from through my adoption agency. Just in case you didn't know, I wanted to update you.

MOWA news

May 20, 2008
A friend shared this news today....
It helps us understand better why we don't have a court date yet.
Things are really backed up. At least we know how to pray.
This is the scoop:

...She was told that her case was not approved today, not
b/c of her case, but due to her letter not arriving
from MOWA (our same situation). She was assured that
her case was reviewed and was fine, but that there has
been a new rule put into place at MOWA, starting last
Monday that has reeked havac on the whole court, MOWA
and court process. She does not need another court
date, as her case was reviewed, she will "pass" as
soon as that letter arrives. Basically MOWA decided
to change an old rule that said that papers from
agencies need to be at MOWA 3 days before court date-
to now needing that paperwork 7 days before court
date. They did not tell any of the agencies of this
change, they did not even tell the courts of this
change. So......last week the judge is getting very
mad at all the agency reps as the correct paper is not
there from MOWA, telling them to go back to MOWA and
find out what they did wrong, etc. So, the agencies
found out that the rule had changed and they could not
get those needed papers for 4 more days, etc. They go
back, tell the judge, he is mad MOWA did not tell him
this and sequestered the head of MOWA to appear in
court tomorrow to address the situation and how all
the families have been stuck.


~Laura~ said...

do you know how stinkin' excited I am for you guys?! Does it get any better than this? You're going to pick up YOUR SON! EEK!

I just love the new pics of him. Precious!

the albertsons said...


Platinum Rose said...

Safe travels tomorrow! Hahaha, loved the face pics! I can't wait to see the "we're home with our son" post! Best of luck on your trip to you three!

Jennifer said...

Hi Guys!

I came over from Drew's blog and have been lurking for a while now. I was so excited when I logged on today and saw the pictures of your beautiful boy!!! Be still my heart - that is one gorgeous child! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and even more on the 26th. Can't wait to see and read more about your new addition!

coffeemom said...

Eric and Tara!!! You are leaving on a jet plane!!! Wahooo! Have a wonderful journey and enjoy it all, every moment!!! Give Wagayu a hug for me and tell him I am writing about him and the guest house even now. Solomon and Travis and Joanna and Belay too. They are all awesome. You're gonna have a great trip and your Malak is beautiful. Post when you can, we are all dying to see! Enjoy it, every teeny bit of it, the good the bad and hard the amazing. It's all there. I am so so excited for you. Will keep you in my prayers! oh, and bring a good book or tunes, the movie selection on ET air is not one to keep you engrossed for the 17 hours......snacks too maybe.....Otherwise, it's the biggest adventure of your life! Bon voyage!!!!!!! Godspeed!


Eric and Cheryl said...

Yeah!!! Tara we are praying for safe travels. Malak is soooo beautiful, my kids love to look at his pictures and so do I. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and can't wait to see that sweet boy in your arms.


coffeemom said...

Tara, I know, you're leaving today, but if you see this before you go. Shoot me your email. My son just loaded our pics and I think I have 3 of Malak...it faked me out, he was in pink so I didn't make the connection...but I think I've got him! Otherwise, fly safely!!

the albertsons said...

(oh, and since i'm living through you right now ((missing ethiopia)) PLEASE try to post from there too...)
Praying for fabulous, wonderful, safe, fun travels!

meredith said...

i can't believe you leave tomorrow! traveling mercies, and i can't wait to meet you newest family member. the pix are WONDERFUL!