Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been tagged by my new friend Kristin! I actualy love these tag things (unlike everyone else who hates them) because I get to find out a few interesting things about my friends...or you get to find out 10 fairly uninteresting things about me.

1. I have had my nose pierced for 8 years. I've lost all of my little diamond studs, so I generaly wear a silver hoop. Even after 8 years...I love it and I'm pretty sure I will be a granny with a nose ring. I have also had my bellybutton pierced for 7 years. I don't really care about that one anymore, no one see's it anyway, but when I take it out, I feel freakish, so I leave it in.

2. Once, I put a suction cup basket ball hoop on my forehead, to see if we could play with it there and when I took it off I had a giant, perfectly round swollen, black bruise in the middle of my forehead. Not so funny when you're 14.

3. On the way out to Eric's parents house (they live in the boonies) there are a few ponds and lakes. On more than one occasion, we have seen giant turtles wandrering down the streets...I am talking, GIANT. Bigger than a basketball! these things look like they should be swimming around in Hawaii. My dream is to catch one and keep it forever. I have made Eric promise that next time we see one, we will get it. :)

4. I once had blonde hair. And then dyed it red. And then had pink hair.

5. My one true joy in life is to have my house sparkling clean, and a good healthful dinner made. I want to cook amazing meals every night of the week...but I also want to eat out every night of the week. Makes no sense, I know, but it is the truth.

6. Friends don't believe me, but I am SO so shy in my heart of hearts. Generaly, I am super chatty and tell lots of stories...but secretly, I am super-d-duper shy.

7. I do an AMAZING impression of SNL's Amy Poehler acting as Kaitlin (from the, Kaitlin and her uncle Rick scetches)... I can't help it, It's a God given gift.

8. I went through a phase when I only wanted to eat lettuce sandwiches. (It stemmed from making a BLT one day and then realzing we had no bacon or tomatoes.) I also went through a phase where I CRAVED fresh orange juice. I mean, I would buy a huge jug of it and chug it...and then want more. I would drink so much it made me sick....and then I drank more. Ummm, vitamin C deficiancy???

9. I think my husband is completely gorgeous. I know, we all love our husbands, but I literaly think mine is rediculously HOT. Stand back ladies, he's all mine.

10. I would love to write a childrens book...and I am finaly going to! More on that later!


Drew said...

oh man, that was rich. I think your best yet. you said 10 twice tho...woops.

I have been meaning to talk to you about #10 actually for a while. I think we can make this happen! I'll call you...right now...but you wont answer so call me back!

the albertsons said...

HA! I have my nose pierced too :). Actually, I had to take it out for a wedding 2 weeks ago. I put this clear thing in and all was well. Then, I woke up on Monday morning ready to put my stud back in, and the clear thing was GONE. Gone, I say! So I was like, okay, no big deal, I just put my study in. The hole was CLOSED. Completely. And I've had this thing for over a year! Tragic. Plan to re-pierce but my piercer friend says I have to wait for blah blah to happen and then I can do it. Sigh.

kim said...

you are going to write a children's book? what? why have i heard nothing of this?

Jennifer and Jody said...

I had my belly button pierced and I took it out and it is freakish now. Keep yours in. I have a hole there forever. Sad story. If I had a better nose- I would pierce it ;)If you write a children's book, I will buy it!

kristin said...

Hey! I love your 10 facts. So I have been wanting to get my nosed pierced for months! I think I need to just do it! I am scared for some reason and I have tattoos! HUH?

Stacie said...

You are so funny. My friend did the same suction cup thing in junior high. We are still friends so I know you and I are destined to be friends. :) Maybe I should introduce you to my suction cup friend too.

meredith said...

love all your fun facts!!! i will be needing your autograph when i buy your children's book, k?

Lori said...

What a fun, fun post!

Amy said...

I will buy your childrens book too, but only if it includes a character named Silas who is friends with a character named Malak. I also have the freakish hole in my belly button...good call on keeping yours in. For me, it was a bad call getting the belly button pierced.

I love that you want to cook a healthy meal every night, but you also want to eat out every night.
Yo tambien.

Rizzle said...

I've always wanted to write children's books too! My motivation mostly comes from the fact that I've read some pretty pathetic kids books and realized that I could write better ones.
Here's one of my kids books for example:
page one: rock (with a picture of a rock)
Page two: sock (with a picture of a sock)
page three: clock (with a picture of a clock)
you get the idea. It could work on so many different levels. Like another one I've been working on goes a little like this:
page one: hamster (with a picture of a hamster)
page two: guinea pig (with a pic)
page three: snake (with a pic)

pretty good eh?
On a different note, I'm always disappointed that hamster isn't spelled with a "p"

Eric & Tara said...

Hamster is not spelled with a "p"?? It's not hampster?? All these years...

Margo said...

wow...we could start a support group for people that regret the bellybutton piercing past...i had to take mine out and i'm forever scared now!! anyway...that was deacon just dancing away! i love his face when he is turning in circles, it makes me laugh every time!!!

Hauswife said...

Love the list. Love lists in general, but yours is very fun, and funny, and quirky, which I love. The OJ thing -- that's me too. I'm a juice nut. I could drink a gallon a day easy. But then I'd weigh a lot lot more. :P