Saturday, February 2, 2008

8 things...

Alright Amy tagged me so here it goes!

8 things I'm passionate about:
1. Adoption. Especialy the adoption of our sweet son, Malak...and the other children we will eventualy adopt.
2. Social justice, mainly in Africa..mainly in Ethiopia.
3. Jesus
4. my love for my husband (but not THAT kind of passionate love...get your mind out of the gutter people)
5. healthy living, saving our Earth, doing my part, going know.
6. helping orphans
7. cooking good wholesome almost-but-not-quite-gourmet food.
8. wanting to raise my children to be imaginative, creative and let them be their own little free spirits!
9. (yeah, I have more) I LOVE to have throw amazing parties. There is great food, perfect decor, and glorious fun to be had at these parties. O.k. This may be more of a dream that I am passionate about...but I am working on it.

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Live in Africa. (yep, I said live. Not visit. Live.)
2. I may secretly (or not so secretly anymore) wish that we would someday have a giant garden that we live off of and I will bake fresh bread everyday and we would be this rediculously earthy family. (much to Eric's dismay)
3. Learn to play baseball. Every weekend I try and get Eric to buy me the gear and teach me...but somehow, baseball gear is not at the top of the budget list. If you would like to donate to my dream of playing baseball- I need a lefty glove. Thanks.
4. Own a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer so I can juice my life away. Look it up online. It is amazing.
5. Go to Italy for a few months and travel around, with the kids. We will go and stay at little quaint hotels and go sight seeing (to the fun obscure places) and when the kids are tired, we just find a new quaint hotel and relax and then we go some more and do things like, hike through the rolling hills like the Von Trapp family.
6. make a big difference in the life of children in them Jesus, smother them with love, teach them life skills to improve their lives....
7. Be a cool homeschool mom that finds amazingly fun and creative ways to teach our kids.
8. See my children walking with the Lord.

8 things I say often:
1. Wah-wah
2. Awkward.
3. Hmmm tricky...
4. F! (literaly, just the "F", not the whole word)
5. (haha, I just asked Er what I say alot and he quickly said, "wah-wah" and "F!"...apparently I do say those alot)
6. Aw crap.
7. I'm fffreezing!
8. I love you.

8 artists I never tire of listening to:
1. Gavin DeGraw
2. Michale Buble
3. Brad Kilman
4. Justin Timberlake
5. Danity Kane (I am making fun of myslef right now...seriously, I am embarrased for myself)
6. Dashboard
7. Aqualung
8. Elton John (JUST the old classic stuff)

8 TV shows you love:
1. The Hills (when will Lauren and Brody just fall in love already??)
2. The Office (the intro music alone makes Eric and I dance and smile and brings all around joy into our lives)
3. Arrested Developement (canceled, I know. But go rent it!!)
4. Amazing Race
5. Everyday Italian

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. sense of humor
2. great listener
3. common interests
4. honesty
5. likes to have fun!

8 Things I learned in 2007:
1. Eric and I have a huge heart for adoption.
2. Eric and I have a huge heart for Africa.
3. Hampsters don't live forever. Sniff sniff.
4. Having wood floors and a long haired dog that sheds, sucks. I hate dog hair. I hate dog hair tumbleweeds.
5. I am rediculously anal about my kitchen being spotless.

Who am I gonna tag?
Jess (because you never post)


Craig & Cindy said...

This is SO funny because Craig BADLY wanted a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer months and months ago. So, he bought it. He used it everyday for like 2 or 3 weeks and then NEVER used it again!!! LOL!!!! It is sitting in our pantry and I am always kidding him about it!!! :)

(The supposed reason is because it is such a pain in the arse to clean all the parts everytime you use it and I guess it can't go in the dish washer or something. That said however, it DOES make great fresh juice!)


the albertsons said...

okay... is that me becca or someone else becca? because i wouldn't be offended if it was someone else... really...
love your answers :)
becca (a.)

Tymm said...

I just found your blog from another Ethiopian Adoption blog - and I laughed out loud at "dog hair tumbleweeds" - right there with you. We got two of the big guys and they keep us busy with hair.

On another note - i LOVE your passion for adoption. For Africa. For Ethiopia. I love it. My wife and I are adopting from China and Ethiopia at the same time - we were to pick up our son, Brighton Asher, in April sometime - however he passed away on January 9th. It has been the hardest couple of weeks for us but God has placed the needs of that country squarely on our hearts and we are determined to keep Brightons name alive in this process.

I am putting together a CD right now to sell to raise money - 100% to go straight back to Enat Alem orphanage in Ethiopia (where Brighton was for 76 days). Once all of the artists are on board and we get it made I would love to let you guys know - you seem zealous and excited to help there and God knows we can use all the people like you we can find.

Thank you for your passion for our son's country - it warms our hearts.

Tymm & Laura

emily said...

Lets start a little Africa-loving, garden-growing, fun-homeschooling little commune:)

Great list here Tara!

Is the Juicer better than a Vita-Mix? We have a Vita-Mix and it is the bomb- I will check it out though. The Vita-Mix is a breeze to clean!! We juice everything:)

Amy said...

I just learned many new things about you friend...

Just when you think you know someone......they go and totally throw you for a loop!

Fun Stuff. Way to participate.

Stacie said...

I want to come live in the commune too! :) Kevin can cook and I'm sure I can come up with some valuable skill to add to the commune life!

SO with you on the dog hair. We have promised ourselves never to have 3 dogs again. Three!! Hair everywhere!

Girl - I was already tagged. BTDT. But, Jocelyn just tagged me with 7 weird things I have to reveal about myself so stay tuned... it should be a doozie because I'm very weird.

Laura said...

okay, so i've learned some very interesting things about you my friend. Seriously, Danity Kane?! HA HA! I'll let that one slide. I am however hooked on the new p.diddy show about them on MTV but that's just because I like drama. Oh, and the one true love. Well, I have lots of true loves...BUT gardening and being earthy aren't one of them. Can we still be friends if i'm not kind to the earth. Only thing I recycle is my MAC makeup compacts because they give you a free lipstick. :) Still love me? Is this me you've tagged? If so then I've gotta get thinkin'.....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your referral! I caught up on reading your blog last night, my husband is out of town and I couldn't sleep. Amy B sent me a sneek-peak picture, he is so ad-or-a-ble. Sherry S.

Christie said...

Since living in Africa was on my "before I die" list too, maybe we could do a communal living situation where we grow our own food and such. I'm totally game.

Jocelyn said...

That cracks me hair tumbleweeds!! I have cat and dog ones...everywhere!! I think Pacey is just going to have to like crawling on hair because no matter how often I just keeps coming back:-)

Jen said...

I'm thinking I can't ever get a dog that sheds again. It's just too hairy! If they can't clean up after themselves, I'm not going to go there!

Me and mom planned out all the garden pots I'm going to have on our big deck. Except the great plan was to find pots at garage sales but that time came and went a long time ago. If I can't buy them all I guess I'll just have a pity party and no produce:(

We had a juiceman jr. once! It was so great. Then after a week of juicing for all our friends we sent it back. A bag of apples and a lemon for one glass of delicious lemonade is just too much... It even came with a bread machine! We have a bread machine again, of course, and we make bread a lot! It's scrumptious. We make pizza dough a lot with it, too. WE make a mean garlic alfredo chicken pizza!
Did you seriously tag me?

Drew said...

oh my dear! i didnt even know i was tagged! I will need to think on this for a bit...

Summer Lashley said...

Congratulations on your little boy!

I am so glad someone shares my passion for throwing things away. It is so empowering. Just wait until the baby toys start taking over your home....

the albertsons said...

Okay, so I did it... I succumbed to your tagging :).
So no phone calls for either of us today, huh? What's the story? Any theories? Oh well, guess we have to be patient, again... :)


kim said...

i think the only things that i didn't know about you on this entire thing were the tv shows. the hills? i didn't know you watched that. how is that possible without mtv in your house?

i will try to come up with something great for mine.

kim said...

oh btw, i LOVE the pics of you and charlos.

The Hausams said...

Hahaha, I just love your list. Very cool, especially the juicer comment. I'm a closet juicer, too.

I'm with you and Em for the homeschooling, garden growing, Jesus lovin' group! :)

megan said...

I've never thought to call them dog hair tumbleweeds that is so funny. I could sweep all day long an they would still be there.

Gina said...

Tara, I always knew you were cool. But seeing The Office and Arrested Development on your favorites list put you on my Always Cool, No Matter What list. (But The Hills at the top of the list made it a little iffy there for a while.)

Laura said...

hmmmm....I think I missed a couple sections of the "8 things" I may have to add them. :)

Ashtin said...
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Ally said...

Eric & Tara, CONGRATS!!! Wow, the moment you've been waiting for! It is surreal, isn't it? I am so excited for you guys! I have been terrible about blogging on Reece, mostly because I am a scrapbooker and I spend a lot of time making physical scrapbooks of his pictures rather than posting them. Anyway, Add Reece to his list of friends! We'd love to see you all again when you get your precious little man! And did you post a picture, cuz i didn't see it!
And we have a fancy juice extractor, we use it maybe twice a year. The problem is, it takes FOREVER to clean it up, and then you have all this wonderful fiber leftover and it makes you sad because it won't be eaten or used. And my friend has a Jack LaLane juicer and she HATES it becuase you have to get out a screwdriver and unscrew one of the compartments every time you clean it! Very bad design!
And Christian and I are so with you on the commune thing. We are closet communists (not policially... we just love the idea of community). And I can grow basil, and some other herbs, and I can sew... if someone else can cook, we'll be doing great!

Anonymous said...

you are an amazing woman, already an amazing mom and wife,and an amazing cook. Cant wait to try the petifores. We cant wait to visit you guys in Africa. I show Malak to every person I encounter,even customers, and they are amazed at his beautiful smile. your mom has a great Old but professional juicer. I bet she doesnt use it. !!!!!!MOM S

Gurske Adoption said...

I love the dog hair tumble weeds! DIDDDDDOOOOO

Hardwood floors + Dogs = a pretty new rug that clings to your feet and then goes into your socks and then onto your sheets and then onto your couch and then and then and then and then! Poor vacuum cleaner ol' girl might need some trading in!