Friday, December 14, 2007

Check these beauties out!

Look what I got in the mail today! I have been patiently waiting for these treasured items from my sweet friend and blog buddy, Renee. She makes them all (she is the crafty queen!) and I love that she personalizes them to fit our family! I have longed for the oh so coveted luggage tags and their arrival must mean that we will get our referral VERY soon! (right?) I think so, I mean, could the arrival of luggage tags to take to Ethiopia mean anything else?? No, they could not. :)

P.S. We have been on the waiting list for a referral for 9 weeks...almost 10. Woot woot!

P.P.S. Thank you Renee! I love them. No really, I love them.
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Rebecca said...

Wow - almost 10 weeks? So, that means you should get your referral soon! I definitely think the receiving of the luggage tags does mean the receiving of a referral :) Cute luggage tags by the way - Renee is very crafty!

Yes, you did hear me tell the story of my GG. She lives in Tulsa and I was going to see her after Jocelyn's shower...which prompted me to tell you all a story about her :)

Stacie said...

Those are so cute! I want some! (Even though we already went - but still!)

Very exciting that you're getting close to your referral!!

Kaydub said...

I definitely think the luggage tags are a sign. : )


Renee said...

I'm glad they made it though the ice storm to you! I'm looking forward to seeing them on your bags packed for Ethiopia!
Renee :)

BTW- when I home with the kids I'm going to sell the tags on Etsy to raise funds for Maryn and Keller's orphanage. I'll send you all the details when I get my site up and running so you can pass it on. :)

Amy said...

Luggage tags=Referral for Malak

Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak, Malak!

Christie said...

Cute cute cute tags!

I keep checking in even though I know you probably still have a little time, I can't wait to click on your blog (very very soon) and see Malak's face! So exciting.

Gina said...

Those are adorable!

And I think your logic (luggage tags=referral) is impeccable.

Laura said...

it's gonna be soon...I just KNOW it! I think I'll cry like a baby when you guys get your referral. You were my first blog buddy and have been so helpful with this whole journey. I think i'll be as excited for you guys as if it was our own referral.

I can't wait for you to put those luggage tags to good use.

KK said...

Dude, those are GREAT and I want some... AND I'm not even going anywhere! Maybe Santa will bring me some!

I hope Santa brings ya'll a refferal for Christmas this year! Wouldn't that just be the bomb-diggity?

Love ya, Kara