Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Survey 101...

I have another blog that I plan on posting later but I am not at my home computer with the pictures so in the mean time....I stole this from Laura ("Jesus Lovin' Mamma")

1. How many blogs are listed under your favorites list that you check EVERY day?
A good solid 25...at least.

2. How many times a day do you "go to the bathroom" and end up checking blogs?
maybe 3 or 4.

3. Do your kids recognize the other kids from the blogs that follow?? I have no kids yet...but I'm sure Malak will have lots of friends that we've met through blogland!

4. Do you keep track of how often people update their blogs and get upset when they don't keep to the schedule?? I don't keep track of how often they post, but I seriously, wish and wonder why everyone can't write every single day?? Since we all have that much extra time... :)

5. Favorite time of day to check blogs? While Charles (the little guy I nanny for) is napping and then when I get home at night.

6. Who's blog is your favorite? This is an evil question since I read like 400 blogs a day...I guess some of my faves are Courtney and Lindsey, Renee and Geert, Laura and the Bottomly's. Is that too many??

7. How many of the blogs that you follow are people that you have never met in person?
All but 3, I know the Bottomly's, Nunes' and the Klobas'. But I sure do feel like I have tons of best friends via blogland!

8. How long have you been married? 5 fabulous years

9. Fav. food? Lettuce wraps at Pei Wei...sometimes I try to convince Eric to let me just order like 3 orders of those...instead of an actual meal. (That makes me sound like I am 9 yrs. old)

10. Fav. TV show? Anything on TLC or HGTV or MTV-(I am embarrased to write that)

11. Anything that you forbid your kids to watch on TV? No, but there are things I forbid Eric to watch! As far as when we have Malak...I am not a huge TV watcher so I think I am going to steer Malak away from the TV and try to do more creative things...we will see how that works out!
12. How long was your adoption journey from beginning to end? We started in May 2007, so it has been about 5 months so far, but we have a few more months to go.

14. What did you imagine your family to be like as a little girl? Honestly, I never thought about adoption when I was younger I just figured I would pop out a few babies as soon as I got married....5 years later...apparently God had other plans, he seems to know a little more than I do and I would not change all of this for anything!!

15. Favorite Momma down time activity? My favorite "wife-y" down time activity is scrapbooking, shopping, playing online and laying by the pool.

16. Do you have more online friends than "in person" friends? No, I didn't have any online friends until the adoption blogs came along. But now I have lots of both!

17. Tell us the cartoon character that you most look like: I wish I could say Jessica Rabbit...but I am probably more like...Dora the Explorer, but pastier and taller and not Latino...I do look like I am 7 years old.

18. What toothpaste do you use? Aquafresh

19. Stupiest adoption comment/question that you've recieved? :A friends grandma asked me why we are getting a little black baby from Ethiopia when we could get a white one here in America...ackward!
20. Fav. non-adoption website? MySpace, I like to wander and look for old friends.


Drew said...

As soon as it asked what cartoon you look most like I thought of Dora before I even read your answer...I don't know why.

Eric & Tara said...

Oh wait! When i was in high school, kids at church thought i was the pink Power Ranger! I don't see it, but hey, it's better than Dora.

Filipe & Jennifer said...

I can kind of see the pink power ranger, although she isn't a cartoon. I have to say, if you think the rest of us should be blogging everyday, I think you need to start setting the example:)

Emily and Moody said...

Hope one day we can be some of the blog friends that you have met.

Currently on one of those trips to the "bathroom"!

Laura said...

aww, now I have a single tear. :)

I don't feel so bad now. I was too scared to say MTV in my favorite thing to watch on TV question.

you myspace? I'm emailing you a link to mine. :)

Lindsey and Cortney said...

Love the survey...I'm gonna steal it too! It is really sad but when I get home from work I kiss the puppy and the hubby then I have a quick check of you guys, Renee and Geert and the Breedloves!! I probably will need some kind of therapy to wean me off blogs once the adoption waiting is over!!!