Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the Move...

When we decided to adopt it came from a different was not us wondering why the Lord hasn't given us a baby in the 2 years that we had been came from a desire to serve the people of Africa. God has laid such a burden on our hearts- to serve those precious people someway, we just werent sure how. Once we decided that adopting an orphan was just what the Lord was calling us to do, we realized that this would also bring the longings of our hearts- to have a baby of our own, to life! And that was such an exciting realization! Now I have found that there is a special place in my heart for the children of Africa (not just my little boy)

For my birthday Eric got me the book On the Move by Bono...inside it are his thoughts and pictures from when he was in Ethiopia a few years ago. He also got me the African Children's Choir CD, which I have been wanting to buy. When I read Bono's book, I wept. When listen to the CD I weep. (I'm talking every single time people!), when I see a Feed The Children commercial I weep...the list goes on and on.

I say all this to say that God is moving in my heart, he is laying a burden and a passion there that is not going away and is only getting stronger as we get closer to picking up our son.

Eric and I often wonder what God has got in store for us on Ethiopia...we have been wondering for months and I feel like the Lord is going to reveal it some how soon. We want to serve there so badly...but how?...I don't know...


Lindsey and Cortney said...

Oh Tara, I am so touched and convicted by you post. I am weeping now as I think about how our hearts have evolved throughout this process. The other day we were talking about next year's bright future camp and how we so want to be a part of that. We, like you, knew from the beginning that adoption would be part of our lives...we just didn't know it would come this soon or consume us in this way!! We went from hardly knowing where Ethiopia was on the map to hoping to create our whole family from Ethiopian orphans! God moves mysteriously at times but when you are working according to His Will the blessings are endless. I am praying for God's plan to reveal something wonderful for you.
God Bless

Emily and Moody said...

Look forward to seeing what the Lord calls you to-- I'm encouraged by your post and your sensitivity to the Spirit.

Heather W. said...

It is so wild that I even found your blog but just wanted to say that God moved very much in a similar way in our lives and we could finally no longer ignore what he wanted. Now we have a beautiful 1 year old boy from Ethiopia who has been home about 3 months. You can follow our amazing journey on
It is so cool to find other people who have the same burden for children in Africa. We don't know if GOD is done with us yet but we feel like we have taken a first step.
Can't wait to follow your journey-
Heather Wehrheim in Kentucky

Amy said...

ok again...we need to talk! We have some IDEAS! Well, one idea right now. We are feeling all these same thing Tara! The Lord has done all the same workings in our hearts and we want to also stay more involved and have connections life long in Ethiopia. We are talking to Lance about our ideas and I think you guys might want to participate too!!! Or not, no pressure. I mean maybe you will find a different way to serve and stay connected..:) Whatever is good....:) I'm calling you tomorrow.